Feb 10

A comprehensive SmartHome/ECU/EADL solution in Pensacola, FL

We recently were invited and completed a comprehensive automation system for a quadriplegic student near Pensacola, FL.  This robust integration meets a variety of his access and daily living needs with off the shelf components replacing the old x-10 technologies he had that were lost in a recent flood.  The use of commercial products eliminates the hassle and cost associated with proprietary systems and makes the end user more independent while maintaining and modifying it.  We will post a video soon so stay tuned!

May 07

In cooperation with Easter Seals we now offer a variety of Employment Services for the Disabled

In cooperation with Easter Seals we now offer a variety of Employment Services for the Disabled via the Florida Dept of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  These services help those with a disabling condition get back to work through:


  • OJT (On-The-Job-Training) paid for by Easter Seals for 90 days or more when justified
  • Employment Services to obtain and retain employment up to 90 days
  • Supported Employment Services for those with the greatest need of support lasting for longer periods

Apr 01

We Provide Self Employment Services for People with Disabilities!

As Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultants (CBTAC) for the state of Florida and beyond we offer start up planning and design for those individuals best suited for self employment.  This program is administered by the Florida Dept of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

Dec 16

Easter Seals is officially back in business in the Florida Panhandle!

After two years of negotiations and market analysis we have partnered with Easter Seals of S GA to  initially provide Employment Services to FL Dept of Vocational rehabilitation consumers.  One example of this fine effort is supporting the On-The-Job training program but in our case we step up the agreement with the employer by not requiring sign up with DVR and Easter Seals pays the trainee direct!  We continue to plan and build relationships to expand services to families that are very high in need on the so called waiver waiting list.  More to come later.

Aug 19

The Multi Sensory Play Ground (MSPG) is complete!

We were so fortunate to be included in the design and implementation of a Multi Sensory Play Ground (MSPG) for a hippotherapy arena/farm in Thomasville GA.  Though we designed a space that would cost about 20-25K we were able to creatively finagle the space from base material to fencing and equipment for 10K.  Not bad for what we had available in funding resources!

Aug 08

The world’s first techno savvy room …

We designed the world’s first technologically savvy room in a LTC facility’s Parkinson’s Unit!  Watch the video of this little project that has won awards for replicability and was expanded upon in their new unit.

Aug 08

A project in Colorado

A project in Colorado for a disability services provider that we were honored to help with. Watch the video of some resulting success stories!

Aug 01

Robust results from a cost effective process

Providing a spectrum of solutions for disability industry’s key decision makers, has been the greater portion of our successful results.

Jul 31

Are iDevices and Android ready to adapt enough to be truly adaptive technology?

What do you think?

Jun 21

We are here for you!

Feel free to express your rehabilitation needs especially as they relate to education or vocation.  We can help you to help others help themselves.